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"These guys spent so much time in the basement last year that their eyes have begun a Darwinian reduction into mole-like infra-optic all-in-one facial sensory organs. Our soon-to-be albino brethren forsee the near-apocalyptic near-future on their new cassette "N.N.E.", where we're a few straggling survivors gathered around a makeshift generator behind a blown up loading dock. Scavenged remnants of a solar panel wired through piles of oxidized car batteries. Occasionally successful jacks into lost stacks of the former grid. Most things smoldering, thick chemical smoke wafting in every now and then. Half-melted casios and 1/4" cables run low voltage with the wrong power cord. It's summer now, or at least it should be. vapors compound in the new atmosphere, sometimes trapping heat, other times precipitating in endless drizzle. A dimmed sun somewhere above. 2012. No, 2013. Not sure, actually. Distant war drums to the north. Slow paranoia. Many nights listening to the sound of plastic fire and seeing colored flames, slow motion reflected off sunken bloodshot eyes. Watch 'Black Hawks Down' dvd case melt. Smartphones burn for days. Beards. Nobody expects to live through the next winter."

Patrick Lien (www.fast-elvis.com)


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